About the Program: 

Accounting is a vital part of a company’s financial operations, as it provides a detailed record and analysis of production costs and revenue. This information enables company decision-makers to properly allocate resources, streamline operations and maximize profit. The accounting program will provide you with the academic and practical foundation you need for a successful accounting career. The common core of courses will include economics, financial accounting, statistics, business law and management. In addition, you will specialize in one of two degree programs: General Accounting, which prepares you to work in the public, private and nonprofit sector; and Professional Accounting, which trains you for the rigorous Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination.

Accounting majors choose from two concentrations:

General Accounting

What you'll study - Taxation, cost accounting, capital management, money and banking

Career Paths - Small and large businesses; federal, state and city government; nonprofit sector

Please also take note of the Common Core and General Education Programs.

Notes and Instructions: 
Take ECN309 Money & Banking OR BUS357 Working Capital Management CMP100 Computer Literacy may be substituted by a combination of CMP102 Fundamental Computer Literacy I and CMP104 Fundamental Computer Literacy II