Bachelor of Science Game Programming

About the Program: 

“Programming is not a zero-sum game. Teach something to a fellow programmer doesn’t take it away from you. I’m happy to share what I can, because I’m in it for the love of programming.”

                                                                                                – John D. Carmack, co-founder of id software
and renowned 3D graphics innovator

Check out the Fios News coverage of the 2015 NJ Arcade event at Bloomfield College where students and guests tested out the area's latest games -

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The Bachelor of Science in Game Programming is a a practice-orientated program that focuses on core principals, concepts, methodologies and skills that are reinforced through the creation of hands-on projects. Students gain experience with professional software programs and techniques, and are empowered to create a programming portfolio based primarily on game projects. There are also many opportunities to work on collaborative team-based projects that mimic real-world game development environments. Theoretical knowledge and practical methods converge within these environments to provide students with the experience they need to truly understand and overcome the complexities involved in making games. Students work with an industry knowledgeable advisors to find the courses that best meet their individual needs.